Nigel Hall


Nigel Hall adopts a no-nonsense philosophy when it comes to style, it is fast becoming a staple in the wardrobes of our regular customers. Clean, simple garments have a Riviera elegance, but this brand gives them contemporary edge. Knitwear is modern, straightforward and wearable, in a range of unfussy pastel hues. Trousers and jackets are gently fitted and appeal to those of a retro-preppy persuasion. The real clincher for Nigel Hall is the combination of affordable prices and high quality; the details are particularly impressive – stitching, hems and collars are every bit as sophisticated as grander brands that cost three times as much.



Matinique provides the modern man with the wardrobe to lead a confident and enjoyable life in the city. We create fashionable collections blending formal and casual looks with high quality and affordability. This provides him with a modern style that enables him to express his individuality.

With over 40 years of experience, Matinique is the urban man’s preferred brand. Our designs are masculine, sharp, modern and functional with great attention to fabrics, a perfect fit and craftsmanship.



Colmar represents the Italian style and sport for over 90 years. The historic “Origins” are reinterpreted and adjusted to modern evolutions and requirements, through products that make of creativity, technique and, indeed, originality their pièce-de-résistance. The success and the evolution of Colmar Originals in the years have led to the development of a complete collection that joins the outerwear range, so as to complete your wardrobe, to create an actual “Total Look”.
The peculiar features of Colmar Originals remain the same, easy to recognize, while the stylistic inspirations and the atmospheres of the collections change according to the trends and the creative visions, in order to offer to the public an evolution of the collection that is always up-to-date and innovative.



“The DENHAM label is focused on balancing an intense commitment to progressive design against an equally obsessive respect for jeans craft tradition.” The design team strive to manifest a “jeanmaker” ethic of honest craftsmanship multiplied by fearless experimentation and invention not only in every jean they create, but in every garment in the line and every other aspect of the label.
Jason Denham’s single-minded obsession with denim remains the primary inspiration for the brand. “Our customer is not going to settle for less than jaw dropping, mouth watering, gotta have pieces. The only way we know how to make them is to create our own unique balance of deep authenticity, inventive contemporary detailing and a distinctly modern attitude.”



Since 1955 Hiltl has been manufacturing trousers according to very strict principles that the company has given itself and to which the company keeps itself consequently.

In the true spirit of Fritz Hiltl who had one goal only: The Ultimate Trousers. For this goal no material is too precious and no work step too much for Hiltl.

Where the quality of the trouser requires it Hiltl still cuts or sews by hand. Only where machines can do the same work more economically and more exact Hiltl uses them. Because this is the success story of Hiltl: Trousers like tailor-made to reasonable prices.

Hamilton and Hare


Hamilton and Hare set out to make the best underwear around.

Inspired by the original boxing short, worn in the ring to make prize fighters look and feel their best, our underwear is designed to do just that. We believe in the importance of underwear. As the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. We give it the respect it deserves.

The same commitment that went into the design and manufacturing of our boxer goes into all our other products. All with the same intention: to make garments that are not just functional basics but have a real substance and effortless style.

We treat all our underwear and loungewear with the same attention to detail as outerwear, whether it’s the cut of the leg, the size of the button hole or the stitching, for us, it’s all important.