About us


Hi, my name is Wayne Greene-Salm and I’m the owner of Salingers. In 2013 I had the opportunity to work for Cork’s only men’s boutique, Salingers. Here I was trained as a suit fitter and was given the freedom of creativity. Then at the start of 2014 I had the chance to take over from Chris and Mike.

I decided to take the risk and relocated to Ireland’s oldest shopping arcade the Winthrop Arcade. Since then I’ve designed my own suit & shirt ranges. I love my job and I’m totally committed to helping Irish men find that perfect outfit.



So, who is Arthur Salinger?


Former playboy of the fashion world, his global city-hopping and the late night cocktail parties are things of the past with golfing afternoons reserved for Sundays. In 2009 Arthur forfeited the permanent tan and his carefree life for a worthwhile career in tailoring; a measuring tape taking the place of his tumbler!

With a sartorial eye that is second to none, he refrains from using the word ‘shop’, rather he prefers to call his store a ‘gentlemen’s room’. The walls are decorated with his favourite things: artwork, aged woodwork and leather goods. His goal is to offer a frank opinion that is unbiased and informed by experience. A true gentleman prides himself in being discreet and plain-spoken. At Salingers we offer a journey into the finer wares of the dapper gent. So, do call in to a truly unique gentlemen’s room for a whiskey or an espresso and a look at our exclusive and wonderful garments.

“Original, unique and affordable” were the words that shaped Salingers. Our mission is to transform people’s view of fashion for men and to revive the distinctiveness of the Independent boutique in this high-street retail age? Every single garment is meticulously chosen with care and love for the cut and quality making sure the price is in harmony with these current times.