Alterations: The Frankenstein approach to Style

Let’s face it guys, we have all bought a killer jacket, tried it on instore, a cute retail assistant gave an extra nudge and you left the highstreet feeling top dog about it. On first wear, its shape is not what you remember, the arms are too long and you are swimming inside a deranged curtain! This jacket will remain closeted for the rest of the season.




We have all been there, and as we look towards Autumn/Winter, Salingers are telling you that some of these ill-fitted garments can be rescued. Anything in your wardrobe will look better on you when it actually fits.  Sleeve length, excess material around the torso, and pants size can all be adjusted to a certain degree.  It’s very likely that you can salvage many of the ill-fitting wears by simply having them altered to fit.




It is important to note that a certain part of the garment cannot be fixed or adjusted past a certain point.  A jacket that’s two inches too short often cannot be lengthened because of either the lack of fabric and/or the structural build of the garment does not allow it.

We outsource to some of the best tailors in the south of Ireland and can promise you a speedy return (depending on threads and labour). Call in to discuss alterations with us today, we may not be able to alter everything, but we can certainly point in the right direction. A stitch in time might save nine, but a stitch in style may save those levis you have always loved, but never worn.

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