The Ascot tie seems to give a special feeling when touched, one almost hear “le Cri de la Soie” (the cry of silk)!  The silk material must perfectly fit around the lining without being stretched. Only a tie that can satisfy all these expectations leaves the company after approval by the ladies of our quality control.

It gives us great pleasure to stock a tie made out of the best material for people like you, who share our commitment to: Tradition, Quality & Style – Hand-made in Germany.

O’Harrow Clothiers


Salingers is proud to announce the arrival of O’Harrow Clothiers our store. GQ named these squares: “Pocket Squares for the Well-Mannered Rebels”. They are the most unique pocket squares we’ve ever seen. They have changed the conventional 12″x 12″ to 9″x 9″ so they fit in your pocket perfectly. Call in to see this beautiful range of hand made squares.

Peckham Rye


Peckham Rye ties are worn by gentlemen the world over, or as they say London, from Trafalgar Square to Times Square! Not surprising, as the company name is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘tie’. The current generation of the Peckham Rye family learned about tie making in Savile Row, an area of London which is celebrated for its tradition of bespoke tailoring.

We stock a range of Peckham Rye’s uniquely blended patterns which are as indulgent as they are edgy

Ansley Watch Co.


New to Salingers the timeless Ansley watches. Being an avid supporter of heritage home-grown brands we would like to introduce you to the Ansley Watch Company. What makes Ansley so unique is that it’s an Irish/Swedish watch brand that’s made in Ireland. Created over a fine Malt Whiskey by a Swedish designer and an Irish entrepreneur in 2012, it has its roots steeped in the era of when watches were an integral part of everyday life.

Inspired by Vintage watches of times gone by, the beautiful detailing ensures that these watches remain on your wrist and are not throwaway commodities to be replaced. A wise man once said: ”In times of great uncertainty, people always return to Heritage”, and we feel that Ansley watches hold a sentiment that’s irreplaceable.

Ansley watches are unisex watches with an air of timeless elegance and a simple and modern twist for everyday wear. All Ansley watches have interchangeable straps which can be updated every Season.

We have launched 2 collections, the first is The Army Series’, which feature Sapphire Glass, Japanese Quartz as opposed to Swiss as its WW2 inspired. It’s also 10ATM or 100M Water Resistant there’s 3 beautiful straps to choose from in this range, a classic fine woven Khaki strap, a looser weave Black strap and a dark brown leather strap.

The second collection is ‘The Sailor Series’, which comes with either Stainless Steel or a stunning Rose Gold Ion plated case. These watches feature either beautifully fine woven striped straps in the most striking colours or stunning high-grade leather straps. All Sailor series have Sapphire Glass, Swiss Quartz and 10ATM



New to Salingers stylish Tsovet watches. These are fast becoming the trendiest watches in America. In keeping with the trend of wearing watches with big faces, Tsovet delivers with a face that will certainly be noticed but isn’t over the top. Pairing the correct watch with a smart suit can make all the difference it shows that you mean business or that you take pride in the small details.

Tsovet are passionate about designing and building watches. It is something they’ve been doing for a long time. Born and raised in California, they’ve lived in the geographical epicenter of the aerospace and boarding industries. They’re influenced by the design details of aerospace engineers of yesteryear.

Although these two industries never melded or were directly connected, they helped developed materials that inspired early boarding enthusiast’s tools that helped revolutionize a global boarding sub-culture. Their connection and contribution inspired them to explore innovative ways to engineer and develop better watches.




Hudson’s footwear are fast becoming the most popular shoe brand out there. With their contemporary styles and an affordable price tag that is hard to argue with. Our range includes everything from their double monkstraps to classic penny loafers, in short, Hudson offer elegance. For the more casual approach how about a blue corduroy  desert boot? We have a great selection here at Salingers and can also offer special order service just for you.


Mercanti Fiorentini 1922


Second to none. Mercanti Shoes inspired by decades of history, created with only the finest Italian leathers. If you are searching for detail, elegence and comfort then look no further than Mercanti. We are currently one of the lucky few stores to stock these in Ireland, its highly likely that you will agree with our great admiration for this sophisticated shoe brand.




Hummel International is a sportswear company based in Denmark. The firm was started in 1923 by the Messmer family in the town of Hamburg, Germany. Through the years, Salingers has always stocked a large range of Hummel sneakers, they have amassed quite a following that continue to pick up their casual footwear exclusively at Salingers.




In 1962 nine artisan shoemakers from Ascoli Piceno, trained by the famous Lazzarini, came together to form the Cooperativa Ascolana Calzaturieri aspiring to create elegant Italian footwear. Today this brand still makes shoes with a passion for tradition and innovation. These trainers embody the classic Italian sports look with a modern and colorful vision.