Here at Salingers we don’t only just offer Made to Measure as we have a beautiful selection of 100% wool suits. They are all reasonably priced starting €350 and are Super 100’s. Slim cut, two button with flat front trousers.

Made To Measure


Here at Salingers, one word comes to mind when we think of our Made to Measure service, that word is ‘creativity’. We have over 1000 fabrics to choose from, which helps us guarantee that you will find something that suits you. The best starting point would be to make an appointment where we take the time to record your measurements. Following this, we discuss styles, fabrics and most importantly the details.

At this consultation we generally ask for some pre-conceived idea of the suit you require, we take a look at previous garments, pictures from blogs, photos of celebrities, etc. If you pop without any ideas we are happy to offer some inspiration and walk you through the process. Our passion for these details allows us to offer well-informed advice on all the masterstrokes and pitfalls of men’s suiting.

Once your measurements have been scribbled into moleskin, we then take a seat again and discuss the purpose of the suit whether for work, weddings or formal events. Here we select an appropriate fabric that offers a combination of versatility, durability and wearability.

The goal of the consultation process is to give us a strong sense of your taste; this includes your colour preferences, patterns that suit your style, the overall shape/cut you require. For instance, when we settle on a fabric we then go over style: single-breasted, double-breasted and so on. The process allows a lot of room for customisation; our customers can select the finer details, such as the buttons, the lapel shape and the embroidery.

Once the fitting and our chat is complete we shake hands and in about six weeks your suit arrives. There is generally a few nip and tucks with the suit which we look after locally.  A made to measure suit will always be a standout piece in your clothing arsenal, the time and craft that goes into the making of this garment will ensure that with the proper care your suit should be a key piece that reflects your astute taste, attention to detail and overall boss attitude!