Knot it like an Italian!

So the first lesson in sprezzatura will be dedicated to the essential tie knot. Personally I’m not a fan of over complicated knots as they look like you’re trying too hard, which is what sprezzatura intends to snuff out.


So in this video it shows you the Double Four in Hand. It is a brilliant knot for any day of the week. It looks simple and works with both skinny and wide ties. When perfected it gives a little lift to your tie and sticks out from your collar. So play with this knot and try and achieve a side dimple or the narrow end longer than the wide end. This for me is the epitome of cool.


If you want to go a little further try the Double Reverse Four in Hand. This is the same knot but you start with the reverse side of your tie  facingout. This adds another element of disheveled elegance.


If you would like to read further about the double reverse click here for a great menswear blog called Sartorially Inclined. Hope you enjoyed this piece and if you would like a demonstration of how to tie this knot drop into Salingers and we’ll gladly show you a couple of cool knots.


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