The Blue Three-Piece


By far the most popular wedding suit of the last couple of seasons, partly because it looks great and also works with every skin tone. The blue suit is also a flexible option when it comes to deciding the colour schemes for a wedding as it works magnificently with everything. For instance, it brings a sense of ease to selecting the suits for groomsmen, as light blue, grey or navy colours will compliment a blue suit exceptionally well.

If you opt for navy suits for the groom’s party then this will help the groom stand out. Another trick to establish the identity of the groom is to put the groomsmen in two-piece suits and the groom in a three-piece and co-ordinate the accessories.

If you really want a blue suit for your wedding but feel that everyone else is doing it, one popular option our customers opt for is the custom made blue suit. By going down the made-to-measure route you can instantly put your stamp on your wedding suit. For example, a double-breasted waistcoat with a lapel adds a touch of flair and not readily available on the high street. Or why not get the wedding date embroidered underneath your collar? This adds a memento that ensures it’s a one off piece. You could also incorporate a subtle check in the pattern, we often find a check jacket will work great as a blazer with a pair of jeans after.



Tweed has great heritage with our Irish roots and fits in perfect at a vintage themed wedding. I find that a groom who chooses to wed in tweed is going for a distinctive kind of look. He generally feels comfortable in tweed and enjoys the fact that his wedding suit will become a staple in his wardrobe for years to come.

With the rise of rustic weddings tweed is widely recognised as a great option for a wedding suit.  When it comes to tweed there is a lot to take into consideration, such as colour, composition, weight, design, skin tone and the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Tweed can contain multiple colours and generally constitutes natural earthy tones such as yellows, greens, browns and reds. This is where you have to be mindful of your complexion and skin tone.

If you’re getting married in high summer a traditional heavy tweed in a three-piece will leave you sweltering and that’s before any nerves set in. There is lots of light weight tweeds that have cotton & pure new wool which gives breathability to the garment. Also, a light weight flannel has that soft handle and tweedy effect but is much lighter than traditional tweed.

It’s a fun experience to leaf through fabric books and visualise the end product. There is so much possibility with tweed like going the extra mile and getting leather clovered buttons which adds that traditional element. You can also play with that idea and get a custom burgundy tweed suit with peak lapels and tapered legs with turn-ups. Tweed is ideal for combining original ideas with traditional fabrics for a modern day wedding.



The Tuxedo


The Tuxedo is an undisputed classic of the tailoring world, and if you want to go formal, black-tie trumps every time. Nearly every man will need to purchase a tuxedo once in his life and a black tie wedding is a great opportunity to get one. A sharp tux always looks elegant on a groom and goes well with a Martini in hand. James Bond moment anyone?

From the wedding party’s point of view black-tie makes it easy for everyone to look uniform and complimentary of the bride and floral arrangements. Renting or buying the groomsmen tuxedos is affordable and readily available in suit stores. If you have chosen a black-tie theme for your wedding it is not always easy to stand out as a groom, let us re-assure you that there are plenty of ways to make a statement with a tux.

We here at Salingers offer a made-to-measure service when it comes to tuxedos. You will have fun designing your wedding suit and achieve that individuality you desperately desire with a tuxedo. My personal favourite tux is the midnight blue, as it is an excellent yet seriously underused alternative to black; it absorbs slightly more light and therefore looks richer under both natural and artificial light, giving you a sophisticated edge.

The midnight blue tux demands attention when in a room full of black tuxedos. Contrary to popular belief, blue and black can in fact work well together, especially when it comes to tuxedos. If you don’t believe us just take a look at any Hollywood gala event, we guarantee you will see a large variety of blue and black tuxedos oftentimes alongside each other. Essentially, they never clash on the red carpet, so why would they clash at a wedding?

There is allot of details to factor with a tux and that’s the fun part when you opt for a custom-made Tuxedo. Our fitter will help with these decisions and use their expertise to help guide you through these selections. Take the lapel for example, will you choose the elegant shawl, the modest notched or the daring peaked? If you go with the midnight blue tux will you choose contrasting black satin on the lapels?  One simple idea would be to add side adjusters instead of belt loops to your trousers, this will add that touch of class and incorporate a unique feature that screams ‘custom-made’ suit to all those that notice them.