Summer Chic


You will to the left a classic look that will work well at any event let alone a wedding; it consists of a navy blazer, shirt and chinos. A double-breasted blazer is very elegant, especially when paired with white chinos and loafers, a style that epitomises French Rivieria style. If that’s too adventurous for you try a single-breasted blazer, tan chinos and a gingham shirt with some brogues. Like a fine wine, this outfit is a menswear classic.

Country Chic


You can really have fun with this outfit, below you will find two potential directions to bring it all together.


Route 1:

Use a waistcoat to build your outfit around. A herringbone tweed is a great choice as it looks classic and is widely available in a variety of colours. Your choice of colour on waistcoat will determine the overall palette of your look. Let’s work with a blue herringbone with brown leather buttons. Stone coloured chinos will always look great and fresh, while for the shirt I prefer the crisp white option, however a baby blue or subtle pink check will offset the outfit perfectly. A tan brogue will work nicely with the brown buttons and you can always add a belt for that extra dimension of co-ordination.  A silk knit bow tie will bring the look together the colour or pattern is really up to you as it’s not going to clash with any of the neutral colours, so have fun with it! You can also get a matching or contrasting tweed jacket for the day or just to have down the line.


Route 2:


This idea is very similar, instead of using the waistcoat as the fulcrum of the outfit, look to use braces. You can find an array of braces nowadays from skinny to wide, polka dots to novelty, this gives you the opportunity to make your shirt the statement. The accessories will add life to the outfit, the buttonaire, boots or tweed cap. I personally wouldn’t wear a belt and braces as they serve the same purpose, in effect, holding your trousers up