Salingers Guide to being a Modern Gentleman.

For a long time at Salingers we’ve been asked to start blogging about our style tips. We are still more than happy to give advice in store and take private consultations absolutely free of charge. Men’s fashion is really changing and it’s now totally unacceptable to turn up to a wedding, work party or any function  badly dressed.


I think this is great because women for so long have put us to shame in the style department and  always feel pressure to look their best when they go somewhere. Now us men have to step up our game and look sharp.


This doesn’t come naturally to everyone and that’s where Salingers step in. So once a week we are going to do a post about certain style tips that will go along the way to making you a modern day gentleman. It doesn’t take a drastic reinvention but if that’s what you’re trying to achieve we can certainly help. The main thing is to have fun and not be too serious about it.



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