Salingers Makeover

At Salingers we believe that anyone can dress elegantly and look like a sartorial master. We decided to hit the streets of Cork and see if we could find a willing candidate to get the Salingers treatment.

After a few attempts we found someone who was happy for to take him to the barbers for a beard trim and haircut. We wanted to update his look with a modern cut and then take him back to the shop to give him a new look.

We thought a fade haircut with some good length left on top to quiff it back would be perfect with a tight beard trim to set it off.

We tried lots of different outfits with smart casual and super formal. With blond hair and a lighter skin tone we found blues, greens and lighter colours really worked well. Our favourite outfit was a navy herringbone blazer with a blue palm tree print shirt and off-white chinos and brown brogues. We also used a green paisley linen scarf to bring the whole outfit together.

                                                        Watch our video below and see the transformation take place.


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