“Sprezzatura” The Art of Effortless Elegance

What is Sprezzatura? It is a trem that crops up all the time in mens fashion. It’s an Italian word that first entered common parlance in the art world where it described ‘a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or say appear to be without effort and almost any thought about it’.


So how does this translate into men’s fashion? It’s basically the art of concealment, not looking like you spent hours getting ready even if you did.  This doesn’t mean you should look sloppy and differs from shabby chic. It is the art of effortless elegance. This is where you follow the classic style rules colours, fabrics and fit.




However if you relax one of these rules you will add an element of nonchalance. There is lots of examples of Sprezzatura with the likes of Lapo Elkann and Nick Wooster leading the way. The godfather of dishevelled elegance is Gianni Agnelli who has always been ranked as one of the most stylish men. Gianni created some of the staple rules of fashion today and we’ll get into these over the next few weeks. A typical Gianni look was wearing his watch over his shirt sleeve, He claimed he was too busy to look under his shirt cuff but was it a calculated sartorial move that set a trend in motion.


This is when you know you’re pulling Sprezzatura off correctly if someone is questioning a part of you’re outfit but can never be certain unless they ask you. When this happens  just act cool as a cucumber. The main thing with the art of being effortlessly elegant is if you try too hard it becomes contrived and defeats the purpose. So with all fashion trends and attitudes don’t take it to seriously and just have fun with it. It’s so important I’ll mention it again know your colours, textures and fit that’s what is key.

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