Staying Cool in the Summer – 3 tips from Salingers

Up the Sleeves

It’s one of life’s great mysteries. Why wear a blazer when it’s 29 degrees out with full humidity? The answer is as obvious as the question. Because, damn it, we can. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep as cool as you look. Pushed-up sleeves give a relaxed, rakish vibe to a blazer or suit. It tends to make a guy look less fussy and precious. You shouldn’t be afraid of a few wrinkles—especially in summer


 Leave the Socks at Home

If street style over the last couple of weeks has taught us anything, it’s that going sans-socks during is a full statement of nonchalant elegance. Please do not take us too literally here, going sockless does not mean we need to give up on foot hygiene. So use no-show socks, cloth insoles and powders to keep the perspiration at bay. For the footwear, now is your chance to air out those moccasins, loafers (above) or buck shoes. Be warned, wearing your everyday socks while sporting shorts is one of style’s greatest tragedies.


Sneakers and Suits

The New York Times had an article a few weeks ago about the return of runners (or ‘sneakers’ across the water), and how some men have been trading in their wingtips for gym shoes. It wasn’t a terribly interesting piece, as casual runners have never not been popular, and men have been mixing them with tailored clothes for at least a couple of years. Why not try this cool look the next time you crack out your suit? However, we need to establish some ground rules: Nothing too bright. No gaudy air pockets or superthick soles. And nothing that distracts from the suit

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